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Solution Assessment

Azure Express Assessment

Solution Assessment

Cloud-ready with Microsoft Azure – your roadmap for a rapid workload migration

Discover the cloud potential of your IT infrastructure now and set the right priorities for entering the cloud straight away.

The time to modernize your IT systems is now. Are you aware that a cloud solution enables you to react more flexibly to sudden changes in demands? Are you also aware that cloud solutions can help your teams to collaborate more efficiently and gain secure access to company resources and data assets at all times, especially in this age of remote work? If so, you are already on the right track – the path to the future. In our Solution Assessment, we will show you how to get started quickly in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. First, we analyse and evaluate your existing IT infrastructure. We determine which areas are already cloud-ready and provide recommendations for the next steps required to rapidly migrate your workloads.

Discover the cloud potential of your IT system. Order your analysis with us today and secure Microsoft Azure credit worth up to EUR 10,000.


What can we achieve together?

We discuss the project background and assess your requirements for a cloud-based and modern IT environment. Using cutting-edge software, we then perform a quick scan of your entire IT infrastructure. We find out what local, cloud-based or other resources you have, including existing performance metrics, hardware and software. We identify any security risks and vulnerabilities. The system scan will also reveal which products are currently or soon to be affected by end-of-life cycles or are currently inefficiently utilised. We then develop recommendations for suitable upgrade paths based on these findings. In addition, we evaluate your operational and technological requirements with regard to your business case as well as what steps are necessary to meet them. This includes recommending suitable software applications, IT platforms and how to optimize your workloads. We prioritize assets that are already suitable for Azure migration in order to accelerate the process of system modernization. Finally, we create a roadmap for the next steps of your cloud migration.


In a 1.5-day Solution Assessment, we develop your cloud strategy in four steps:

  1. Assess & identify
  2. Analyse
  3. Plan & resolve
  4. Optimize


General information

Number of participants:

max. 8

Target group:

Development managers, decision-makers (specific departments & IT), project participants


On request, with 3 weeks lead time


1.5 days


Remote or at prodot

Follow-up measures:


Organisational information

Four steps to your cloud strategy

Step 1: Assess & identify
We initially seek to gain a complete picture of your IT environment. As part of a scan, we record the real-time data within your system and identify obstacles to your cloud migration.

Step 2: Analyse
We establish the top priorities for getting started quickly in the Azure Cloud. Your business strategy and goals are the benchmark for this. Based on the scan results, we can then identify where the most urgent need for action is.

Step 3: Plan & resolve
We develop a roadmap with recommendations for implementing your cloud migration. Based on a cost analysis, you can then estimate the required investments and gain a comparison of the total cost of ownership for your new cloud environment compared to an on-premises solution.

Step 4: Optimize
On request, we can also support you in the implementation of the migration project.

Your Microsoft Solution Assessment Partner

Looking for a rapid transition into the Azure Cloud? Then start with the Azure Express Solution Assessment to find out what fundamentals are already in place, what priorities you can set and how to proceed. Let’s get to know each other – as a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Application Development, we have been developing enterprise software and cloud solutions for more than 20 years. When it comes to cloud migration, we are an experienced partner boasting an array of in-house know-how.

Contact us now to rapidly implement your cloud migration and secure up to EUR 10,000 in credit for using Microsoft Azure.


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