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Express your creativity & realize your potential

We have a passion for exciting projects and the latest technologies.

Advanced training and certifications help us in our personal development.
We are open & creative and offer scope for design inspiration and ideas as well as a fixed workplace in Duisburg’s Innenhafen district.

People at prodot

together we are unique.

Our strength unfolds in interaction. Because only the combination of specific know-how, individual experience and diverse perspectives enables us to translate requirements into the ideal solution for our customers.

What makes us so special? In this video, our team provides a personal insight into who we are, how we work and what drives us.

Would you like to meet us in person and learn more about our company? Perfect, because we are currently looking for new team members. We are looking forward to receiving your application!


Support the prodot team

Creative minds make our software effective and help our customers to improve their businesses. We are looking for candidates who are keen to realize their creative potential as members of our team. We are seeking people who are motivated to perform and contribute to improving our company and therefore our customers.

Why prodot?

Market leader and hidden champions

Although this doesn’t quite describe us, it certainly describes our customers. Together we can prevail in the face of international competition, working constantly to extend our advantage over the rest.

Smart minds

Intelligence, creativity and technical know-how – these are the key abilities which allow us to find the best solution for our customers.

Team players

The team is the star, and our team is no exception. Collaboration within interdisciplinary teams makes us a highly effective unit.

Cosmopolitan environment

International business requires reliable, globally-networked software solutions. Creating these has been the main aim of our daily work for the past 20 years.

Improving the world

Never stand still – this motto drives us to make the world, our customers and our company better with every single project.

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