prodot IoT-X Platform – Collect, analyse and evaluate IoT data from any and all sources

A one-stop shop for all IoT data in industry 4.0 and many other sectors: With our prodot IoT-X Platform, you can collect, connect, analyse and evaluate data from thousands of sensors, devices and other sources, such as telematics and ERP systems.

All your key figures are made available through a central dashboard – irrespective of device manufacturer, system and geographical location. Our IoT platform supports you in gaining new insights from evaluated data and then deriving actions from these insights. Use our pioneering software solution to optimise business processes across your company, boosting your competitiveness in the process.

"prodot’s extensive technological expertise in using the Microsoft Azure platform helps us develop our solutions in no time."


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Christian Jung, Manager Digital Operations

Discover what our IoT platform can do for you

  • Analyse all IoT data
  • Digitalise and optimise business processes
  • Automate workflows and reporting
  • Reduce costs and workloads
  • Connect data and gain new insights
  • Tap new sources of business and earnings

New data sources for important decision-making via the IoT Platform

Master the flood of data

Problems often stem from the enormous, incongruent data flood from IoT devices, telematics systems, ERP systems or sensors as well as isolated solutions from individual providers and the process of interlinking this data.

Analyse key figures

Record and manage processes via a single interface – irrespective of device manufacturer – with the help of the IoT X modular system from prodot. This integrated solution provides you with insightful facts and figures. You can read about some concrete examples of this technology in action in our references below. Break up incomprehensible data silos.

Tap business opportunities

prodot supports you in pushing your IoT, digitalisation or Industry 4.0 projects forward as well as bringing new services and business opportunities to market rapidly. We can support you in implementing your proof of concept and rolling out your IoT solution in your business environment.

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How is our IoT platform designed?

IoT-X Portal – Central data sets for process control and optimisation

Central access to data consolidated and presented in line with your requirements is available in real time via the web or mobile app. Your system can then trigger automated processes based on the results of smart analysis. These processes can include messages and assignments for servicing, repairs or procuring replacement parts in SAP, or triggering alarms. Reports can also be automatically generated and sent.

Image of woman with tablet and workflow management.

Image of tracking for fleets

IoT-X Modules – Endless possibilities across multiple industries

Thanks to its modular design, the prodot IoT-X Platform offers all industries access to the ground-breaking progress offered by the Internet of Things. In additional to basic modules with master data and administration for managing rights, numerous other IoT-X modules are available:

  • Administration
  • Track & Trace
  • Reporting
  • Notification via SMS, Push
  • Microsoft Teams and E-Mail
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Event- & Alarm-Management
  • Safety-Management
  • Your Custom Modules

IoT-X API & integration – Data evaluation across all devices

Highly complex data from thousands of sensors and devices is collected and connected in one place. These are connected directly or via API integration, irrespective of their manufacturer. The source data is converted into a common data format and then processed as required.

Image with fleet manager

Why our customers use the prodot IoT-X Platform:


Web-based access makes your key figures available worldwide and on mobile devices.


Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring enable forward-looking reactions to the smallest of changes, keeping downtimes to a minimum.


The IoT-X Platform is a modern, cloud-based solution. The resultant flexibility helps boost your company’s performance and enhance reactivity to new business challenges.


The IoT-X Platform is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This has been rated as secure by the BSI – Federal Office for Information Security according to its C5 catalogue of requirements.


We can produce a proof of concept within a few days. The implementation of complex projects involving digitalisation and industry 4.0 is possible within just a few weeks. Changes can be made rapidly and on the fly.


Open data standards and interfaces like AEMP 1.2, 2.0, ISO 15143-3 and GPSoverIP ensure access to all data – irrespective of manufacturer and across multiple systems.


The Azure Cloud offers companies a jump start in the world of industry 4.0 and digital transformation. It stabilises companies in their global competitiveness.

"We are delighted to welcome the prodot IoT-X Platform to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace which offers our partners important access to cloud customers around the world. The Azure Marketplace delivers world-class quality experiences from global trusted partners with solutions optimised for seamless collaboration with Azure."

Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp.

Customer IoT projects by prodot

We can look back on many years of experience with IoT projects. We have developed solutions for our customers from various sectors that are successfully used in industry, the construction sector and in transportation. You can find a selection of our customer projects that we are permitted to showcase here.

Image of Success Story

Predictive maintenance: Reducing downtimes in industrial plants

Operate your industrial plants with less downtime. Do you know the condition of critical components? You can monitor the weak points in the system on the IoT-X Platform. Instead of reacting to unexpected incidents, plan your maintenance dates or repairs precisely with active servicing management and in turn increase capacity utilisation.

TK Elevator customer reference >
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Smart management of transport & traffic

Our IoT platform is also used successfully by several customers in transport and traffic systems. Use telematics systems to network trucks, hazardous goods transport or even buses and other forms of local public transport via the Internet of Things. You can ensure more safety and efficiency by evaluating brake and driving behaviour or analysing location data on the IoT-X Platform.

Kienzle customer reference >
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Resource planning: Forward-looking use of equipment in the construction industry

The IoT-X Platform allows you to maintain an overview over the vehicle fleet, loaned equipment or the operational readiness of your staff in your construction company. Our IoT Platform helps you immediately recognise which machines and equipment are located at which construction site. Check how fast you can react to unforeseen incidents and gain the ideal overview for enhanced resource planning.

Customer reference from a world leading construction firm >

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Why prodot is the IT expert for your IoT platform

Time to market

We can build solutions in no time using our prodot IoT-X Platform. We pave the way for our customers to make a rapid start to their digital transformation, simplify business processes or expand towards industry 4.0.

A strong partner

We are a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner and develop the IoT-X Platform using the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Azure Cloud fulfils the “Cloud Computing requirement catalogue” (C5) published by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

IoT know-how

We draw on our wide-ranging experience in realising successful IoT projects to develop solutions that fit your business to a T. We do not view preliminary consultation as merely “humouring” customer wishes, but as a shared process of finding the best strategy and concept for implementing your projects.