Monday, May 8, 2017
Ground-breaking IoT platform comes to transport logistic fair

Ground-breaking IoT platform comes to transport logistic fair

This year from 9 to 12 May, Munich is once again hosting the movers and shakers in logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management. prodot will also be attending the global industry event with a recently developed solution – in cooperation with the established vendors KIENZLE and ght, we have created a benchmark-setting new IoT platform.

Based on Microsoft Azure, „infohub“ allows for the targeted connection of all value adding resources to the cloud. Depending on the purpose, the most suitable telematics and IoT devices are used for data collection. This provides high-quality data for the various application scenarios – such as monitoring hazardous goods, recording accurate operating hours for construction machinery and small appliances or evaluating the sweeping quality of municipal services. The collected data and information are visualized and evaluated in a central interface – the IoT portal „infohub“. As a result, elementary processes within different sectors can be optimally presented and their results precisely utilised as required.

The optimal management of the fleet and devices is thereby synonymous with the optimisation of the entire value chain. While industry representatives have generally had to rely on various telematics systems and software portals to date, „infohub“ now provides an integrated solution as a centralised portal – turning the potential of the Internet of Things into reality.

The upshot is a cloud-based solution that ideally responds to the dynamic requirements and challenges of companies in different industries while pooling all the relevant data centrally in a single environment. In this respect, Microsoft Azure supplies the ideal framework – offering utmost flexibility, security and performance. At the interface between IT and logistics, the future promises much more than just the reliable connection of vehicles and machines – it will also open a new dimension in telematics thanks to the Internet of Things.

At „transport logistic“, we will be presenting the ground-breaking solution in detail at ght GmbH’s booth in hall B2, booth 417/518 – where „infohub“ will be made accessible to a broader audience for the first time.

For more information on infohub, please visit iot-infohub.de .

Pascal Kremmers

Pascal Kremmers | CEO

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