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App Modernization Assessment

Planned & secure in the Azure Cloud – Strategic application modernization

Start your application modernization project today and equip your business with future-proof software.

Enterprise software is subject to continuous change. Obsolete applications can quickly become superfluous on the back of new market requirements. As business models and goals evolve, the continued development of software and IT infrastructure become absolutely necessary. The Azure Cloud provides the required scalability and flexibility to meet the demands of this ongoing process.

We can support you in modernizing your software system. Arrange a proof of concept for your application migration today, and secure Microsoft Azure credit worth up to EUR 10,000.


What can we achieve together?

In our Solution Assessment, we support you in strategy development for moving your legacy applications to the cloud – and ultimately towards a more flexible, scalable system. Together, we can identify your cloud modernization applications and set the right priorities for implementation. We evaluate your applications from both a business and architectural point of view and then work with you to establish a cost-use estimate, reference architecture design and a modernization plan.

As part of this, you will receive an assessment of the expected improvements for your business, the costs of the project as well as technological benefits of application modernization.


In a 1.5-day Solution Assessment, we develop your modern application environment in four steps:

  1. Assess & identify
  2. Analyse
  3. Plan & resolve
  4. Optimize


General information

Number of participants:

max. 8

Target group:

Development managers, decision-makers (specific departments & IT), project participants


On request, with 3 weeks lead time


1.5 days


Remote or at prodot

Follow-up measures:


Organisational information

How is the Azure Solution Assessment structured?

Step 1: Assess & identify
First, we strive to gain an overview of the status quo within your IT environment. As part of this, we collect and evaluate real-time data relating to the performance of your software system.

Step 2: Analyse
Together, we then use the data recorded to review the alignment of the new application environment in relation to your corporate strategy and objectives as part of a business-case analysis. From this basis, we create the design for the solution architecture based on Microsoft Azure and set priorities for project implementation.

Step 3: Plan & resolve
We create a migration plan for your cloud journey that includes a comprehensive modernisation of your software system to an operational platform-as-a-service (PaaS). The plan includes an estimate of the expected costs and scope.

Step 4: Optimize
On request, our cloud experts can also assist you in the implementation of the migration project. We work with you to create migration plans tailored to your business and help evaluate progress over time.


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