Data & Infrastructure Migration
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Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment

Boost your performance with a modern data strategy in the Azure Cloud

Cast off outdated IT infrastructures and start using data more effectively across the company.

More digital, more flexible, more agile – the pressure on businesses to provide a powerful IT infrastructure is constantly growing. Yet outdated, isolated core systems often block the roll-out of modern software. In addition, data silos that have grown over time can hinder company-wide collaboration. Improved access to data is a top priority, especially in this pandemic age, when new work opportunities (such as home office work) are growing in importance. The cloud offers a solution to both problems: It represents an easy and cost-effective way to keep your IT system updated, provide your employees with up-to-date applications, and facilitate unhindered collaboration based on a cross-departmental, improved data structure.

We can help you identify the untapped potential you can derive from data & infrastructure migration. Make the first step with us today, get to grips with your existing IT system and secure EUR 10,000 credit for Microsoft Azure usage in the process.


What can we achieve in a Data & Infrastructure Migration Solution Assessment?

We work together to gain an overview of your existing IT and data structures. We look at your application landscape and examine which components are suitable for migration and in which areas the cloud offers you added value. We then use this knowledge to develop a modern business case and a set of goals for your future IT system. From this starting point, we can then set priorities and develop a roadmap with cost estimates for migrating your data and infrastructure to the cloud.


In a 1.5-day Solution Assessment, we develop your modern IT infrastructure in the Azure Cloud in four steps:

  1. Assess & identify
  2. Analyse
  3. Plan & resolve
  4. Optimize


General information

Number of participants:

max. 8

Target group:

Development managers, decision-makers (specific departments & IT), project participants


On request, with 3 weeks lead time


1.5 days


Remote or at prodot

Follow-up measures:


Organisational information

Four steps to your cloud strategy

Step 1: Assess & identify
We gain an overview of your current IT environment and all associated components. As part of this, we evaluate your IT infrastructure and your existing data.

Step 2: Analyse
In a subsequent analysis step, we look at your business strategy and develop a structure for how to align the new cloud environment with it. Together, we then establish what priorities you’d like to set and design the solution architecture in Microsoft Azure.

Step 3: Plan & resolve
In this phase, we develop a roadmap for your company’s cloud journey. This offers you a deeper understanding of the steps involved in moving workloads to the cloud. The plan includes an overview of the expected investments and the benefits of migration.

Step 4: Optimize
On request, we are happy to assist you as a partner in implementing your data and infrastructure migration to the cloud. We can help you gauge your progress over time and achieve milestones based on a migration plan tailored to your business.

Your Microsoft Solution Assessment Partner

With a Data & Infrastructure Migration Solution Assessment, you can find out how to harness the full potential of your data and make your IT infrastructure future-proof, scalable and secure. How about we discuss the possibilities as part of a non-binding consultation? We are an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Application Development. We have a 20-year track record in developing software for market leaders and accompanying complex and individual cloud migration projects to great success.

Contact us today to implement your cloud migration in no time and secure up to EUR 10,000 in credit for Microsoft Azure in the process.


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