Azure Foundation
Solution Assessment

Azure Foundation Assessment

Identify and leverage digitalization potential with the Azure Cloud

Assess your company's cloud maturity now and identify the right strategy for your digital transformation.

Digital business processes facilitate cross-departmental collaboration, secure, company-wide access to data assets, and also help accelerate your workflows. The cloud is a key technology in achieving this. It enables a needs-based workload offering, mobile application provision and flexible expansion of your digitization efforts. In this context, it is important that you understand that your organization's digital transformation is an ongoing process. The first step is to assess the maturity of your IT infrastructure for cloud deployment. This process is critical to your future growth. That’s why we offer the Azure Foundations Solution Assessment. We help you understand the status quo of your IT infrastructure with an accurate analysis before you move your workloads to the cloud and tap growth opportunities for your cloud journey.

Analyse the cloud maturity of your IT system. Get in touch with us today and secure a credit of up to EUR 10,000 for your Microsoft Azure journey.


What can we achieve together in the Azure Foundations Solution Assessment?

We aim to gain a full picture of your cloud maturity and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your IT system. To this end, we analyse your entire application and data infrastructure landscape. We take a full inventory of capacity utilization, compliance, current identity management, IT governance, testing, managed services as well as the degree of development and optimization, as well as lifecycle management. We also focus on any cloud services already in use and existing virtual machines in your IT network. In addition, we conduct interviews with stakeholders in your company to understand the requirements for your current business, as well as the IT-related challenges and opportunities.

As part of this Assessment, you gain an overview of the improvement potential for your workloads and you can assess the technological benefits of expanding your enterprise cloud. Based on the analysis results, we then develop a roadmap in step with your business strategy that includes recommendations for strategically expanding your IT infrastructure with Microsoft Azure.


In a 1.5-day Solution Assessment, we develop your modern IT infrastructure in the Azure Cloud in four steps:

  1. Assess & identify
  2. Analyse
  3. Plan & resolve
  4. Optimize


General information

Number of participants:

max. 8

Target group:

Development managers, decision-makers (specific departments & IT), project participants


On request, with 3 weeks lead time


1.5 days


Remote or at prodot

Follow-up measures:


Organisational information

Four steps to your cloud roadmap:

Step 1: Assess & identify
Using modern analytics tools, we assess your entire IT environment to determine its cloud maturity.

Step 2: Analyse
We then merge our results with your IT strategy and business model to develop recommendations that make it easier for you to optimize your server strategy.

Step 3: Plan & resolve
We summarize our results from across your server environment as well as the full review of policies and procedures, and create a migration plan tailored to your business with proposals for expanding your cloud journey. You also receive an estimate of costs and expenses.

Step 4: Optimize
We are happy to assist you as a partner for the implementation and monitoring of your migration project.

Your Microsoft Solution Assessment Partner

Would you like to expand your cloud strategy with Microsoft Azure in a structured and considered way? Then find out your cloud maturity with our Azure Foundations Solution Assessment and set the right priorities for expanding with Microsoft Azure.

You can rely on our expertise and experience from over 20 years in the development of enterprise software and cloud applications. We are Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Application Development with in-depth knowledge of cloud migration.

Get in touch with us today and secure credit worth up to EUR 10,000 for using Microsoft Azure.


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