Azure Innovation WorkLab

Azure Innovation WorkLab



What do we want to achieve together?

At this workshop, we will work together to create and document demand-driven solution architecture for your software. A price calculation can then be made based on these results. In addition, you will also receive a test deployment on your own Azure subscription for testing.


  • Define the aims of the ADS workshop
  • Joint planning
  • Analysis of the technical and functional requirements of the system
  • Introduction to and selection of available cloud services/cloud environments for the aims outlined
  • Development of a cloud or hybrid-cloud architecture using tried and tested cloud architecture patterns, which, among other things, enable an initial cost calculation
  • Test deployment for customer evaluation
  • Joint evaluation of the ADS results
  • Outlook and next steps

Price: € 3.000,-
plus the legally applicable VAT


General information on the WorkLab

Number of participants:max. 8
Target group:Development managers, decision-makers (specific departments & IT), project participants
Dates:On request, with 2 weeks lead time
Duration:1.5 days
Location:Remote or at prodot
Follow-up measures:PoC

Organisational information

How is the Innovation WorkLab structured?

Step 1: Coordination meeting in advance
To kick things off, we will arrange a coordination meeting with you ahead of time. This will take the form of a Microsoft Teams video conference or a telephone call, and the aim is to identify your key requirements for a modern software solution.

Step 2: Preparation
We then prepare the conceptual, content-related and technical aspects of the workshop.

Step 3: Workshop
In this 1.5-day workshop, we will analyse the requirements for your system and advise you on the most suitable cloud services and cloud environments. We will develop a suitable cloud or hybrid-cloud architecture for your individual use case, enabling an initial cost calculation to be made. An initial test deployment will then offer you a sound basis for making evaluations and decisions. We will subsequently evaluate the results of the architecture design session together.

Step 4: Documentation
You will receive documentation with the results, photos and architecture created during the workshop.

Step 5: Follow-up meeting and outlook
We round off the workshop with a follow-up meeting, typically by video conference. This is used to determine further steps, requests or ideas. Many companies then choose to move on to a proof of concept (PoC) after the workshop.


How to get in touch with us.

Let’s start by getting to know each other better – no strings attached.

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