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Azure is a cloud platform from Microsoft which provides developers and administrators with various Azure Cloud Services. These encompass a range of services, applications and databases that companies can use to adapt and expand their IT infrastructure.

We introduce and demonstrate several of these services in our one-hour web tutorials:
Azure Active Directory B2C, Azure API Management, Azure Application Insights, Azure Bastion, Azure Blob Storage, Azure DevOps, Azure Functions, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Azure Search, Azure Site Recovery, Microsoft Bot Framework, Microservice-Architecture

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Azure Active Directory B2C

Customer identity management in the cloud – Introduction

In the Azure Active Directory B2C, Microsoft provides a cloud-based identity service based on Azure Active Directory that offers security, scalability, reliability and availability for every application. Whether registering with a username, private e-mail address, Google or Facebook account – every user on every platform can now be individually provided with access alongside conventional domain accounts.

This talk offers an introduction to the service and demonstrates the expandability, customisation and configuration options with user-defined guidelines in the identity experience framework based on the example of a secured single-page application.

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Azure API Management

Introduction and examples

In this session, prodot introduces the API Management product from Azure, demonstrates the developer and management portal, and discusses its potential uses. This is followed by a practical example based on the regulations of a .NET core API as well as the integration of Azure B2C to build on the previous topic.

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Azure Application Insights

Full-stack monitoring

Consistent monitoring of everything from server applications and SPAs (single-page applications) through to desktop applications and mobile apps is essential for successfully operating cloud platforms. With Azure Application Insights, Microsoft offers developers the opportunity to constantly improve the performance, reliability and usability of cloud-based applications with little additional workload.

This tutorial is intended to offer an overview of Application Insights and demonstrate its integration using a small web app.

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Azure Bastion

Secure VM access

Accessing virtual machines in Azure via remote desktop or SSH is an everyday fixture for most administrators. However, enabling open access via the internet is not a secure way to operate. Other “solutions” like port changes and IP restrictions, VPN access, self-hosted jump boxes or just-in-time access are either barely more secure or result in extra work. Azure Bastion is a hosted service that makes secure access to VMs in Azure simple – without the need for a public IP address.

In this session, prodot provides an introduction to Azure Bastion and demonstrates how easy it is to use based on a demonstration case.

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Azure Blob Storage

Much more than just a data graveyard!

Azure Blob Storage is known to many people as an easily integrated, good-value storage solution for text and binary data. But in fact Blob Storage offers an array of possibilities that go far beyond simple storage. In this tutorial, prodot provides an overview of the basic functions and then introduces advanced features like blob tiering, support for soft delete, static website hosting and integration in event-based architectures using the example of Azure Functions. Topics like geo-redundancy, encryption at rest, RBAC with Azure AD, concurrency management and immutable blobs are also discussed.

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Azure DevOps

An introduction

Automated construction, testing and deployment are essential for modern, agile software development. In Azure DevOps, Microsoft offers an integrated platform which – in addition to these fundamental features – also provides everything otherwise required for a project: task planning, source code management, test administration, artefact repositories as well as tools for documentation and reporting.

In this webinar, prodot offers an introduction to using Azure DevOps for agile projects and demonstrates its capabilities based on a case study project. The main focus is on source code management and CI/CD, though other components are also addressed.

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Azure Functions

Going „Serverless“

“Serverless” computing enables the good-value, rapid development of back-end services and integrations without the need to manage servers and scaling. On top of that, you only pay if code is actually executed. In this webinar, prodot introduces the world of “serverless” computing and uses demos to showcase the possibilities that Azure Functions offers to developers.

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Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)


In the last few years, developing and operating applications and, in particular, web apps with container systems (such as Docker) has become increasingly popular. The .NET world is no different and Docker has also become a fixture in the Microsoft ecosystem since .NET Core. Away from development environments as well as for the operation of larger platforms, the use of an orchestration system – such as Kubernet – is recommended to ensure availability and scalability. In Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Microsoft provides fully managed PaaS clusters that have also been generally available (GA) since mid-June 2018. Reason enough to take a closer look at this service.

This introductory webinar is intended to offer an overview of.NET Core development with Docker in the local Kubernetes cluster as well as management and deployment in AKS using a private Azure Container Registry (ACR).

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Azure Search

Introducing search as a service

Azure Search is a search-as-a-service cloud solution which offers developers APIs and tools for adding wide-ranging search features for their content in web and internal applications as well as mobile apps. Functionality is provided by a simple REST API or a .NET SDK so that the inherent complexity of the information retrieval process remains hidden. In addition to the APIs, the Azure portal also offers support for administration and content management with tools for prototype creation and index queries.

This webinar is designed to offer an overview of the functionalities provided by Azure Search. Basic functions like search index creation and data integration as well as executing full-text search with search suggestions and hit highlighting are showcased and demonstrated using simple examples. This talk also touches on more advanced functions and options such as scoring profiles for search results, geographical searches and language analyses.

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Azure Site Recovery

Business continuity in the cloud

Long-term system outage and loss of data in the event of fire, widespread power cuts or natural disasters is a threat to business across many industries. Azure Site Recovery offers the opportunity to develop a business continuity plan for the existing infrastructure by connecting with the cloud – with little additional work. prodot GmbH provides an overview of the possibilities offered by Azure Site Recovery, followed by insights gained initiating a site recovery for a client.

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Microsoft Bot Framework


prodot provides an introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework – Microsoft’s platform for creating chatbots for a variety of platforms. This webinar introduces the various components of the Bot Framework, discusses the basics to establishing a chatbot and subsequently showcases the development of a small bot – as well as how to host it on Microsoft Azure and make it available via the Bot Framework.

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Microservice Architecture

Implementing reliable services with Service Fabric clusters

This web tutorial focuses on the concrete implementation of microservices. We focus on the Reliable Services model and answer questions such as:

  • When should I use on stateful or stateless services?
  • How do my services communicate with each other?
  • What can/should I do to scale sensibly?
  • How do I ensure high availability?
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