ISS Direkt


Create an intuitive booking platform for cleaning and facility services.


Delivering on the brief of developing an online shop, prodot created a customer-centric portal which allows users to book any services from the entire ISS product range in no time. Whether it’s a specific cleaning service or a full-service package, all products can be adjusted to match demands and requirements. Real-time configuration and price calculations also make direct online booking possible.

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ISS Direkt

Simple. Fast. Reliable.

ISS Facility Services Holding GmbH has long been synonymous with quality and reliability in the field of cleaning and facility services. The launch of ISS Direkt now makes the expertise of the parent company accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.

The optimised application architecture of the new eCommerce solution ensures an extremely competitive pricing structure. The digitization of processes as well as the optimal integration and connection to existing back-end systems were decisive factors in achieving this. As a result, the company enjoys a lower administrative workload combined with higher customer satisfaction – customer service doesn’t get much better than this.

User Interface Design for ISS Direct

Benefits for ISS Direkt

Online service solution

First and foremost, the new online shop delivers on ISS Direkt’s aim to operate as a full service provider. In addition to its core competency of office cleaning services, its remaining portfolio and pricing can be complemented with additional services at any time to match market demand. The varied service range – spanning from fruit baskets, expert cleaning of coffee machines, microwaves and refrigerators through to professional caretaker services – allows customers to put together their very own tailored service package.

The online shop operates as both a central sales tool and customer-oriented communications interface. Customers and ISS Direkt both benefit from the portal’s impressive efficiency in equal measure.

  • Scalable: Infinitely extendable application architecture in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Fast: Optimised performance with dynamic cloud databases and asynchronous processing.
  • Secure: Maximum security thanks to encrypted data transmission as well as access security on cloud side.
  • Reliable: Robust and highly available thanks to redundant data storage from Azure Storage.
  • Flexible: Dynamic adjustment of configurations and calculations possible at all times.
  • Integrated: Reliable data exchange with existing backend systems via interfaces.
  • Progressive: Top-notch technology standards with innovative cloud services.

Logo of ISS Direkt GmbH

About the company

ISS Direkt GmbH

The globally-active company ISS is one of the market leaders in the field of facility services. Its subsidiary ISS Direkt is not only positioned as a cleaning expert for offices but also as a full-service provider for companies of all sizes.

ISS Direkt is dedicated to becoming synonymous with reliable customer satisfaction far beyond the greater Düsseldorf region in future.

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