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Xamarin is a cross-platform framework designed for developing mobile applications for the three currently most widely-used operating systems iOS, Android and Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile (the mobile versions of Windows). This technology enables developers to create cross-platform apps using the same common tools, saving time and costs in the process.

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Compared to web-based, cross-platform solutions, Xamarin offers the advantage that applications run natively in the device-specific operating system, providing significant performance advantages and a better user experience. Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft at the start of 2016. The Mono framework upon which Xamarin is based is an open-source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET framework and a fixed component of the Xamarin environment.

Mobile apps – up-to-date and successful with Xamarin

Our Xamarin developers create the app in common C#, and the Xamarin platform then translates the C# source code into native applications for iOS, Android and Windows. The considerable time savings yielded by Xamarin compared to development using platform-specific technologies stems from the high percentage of source code which can be shared by all platforms. This cross-platform proportion, such as the communication layer and business logic, makes up around 75 percent of the entire source code in most Xamarin apps.

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Quelle: https://blog.xamarin.com/announcing-xamarin-3/

The optionally-available component Xamarin.Forms also allows the user interface to be implemented on a cross-platform basis with only one code base. As part of this, numerous standard elements are available which save a great deal of time and reduce additional error sources. In this way, the proportion of cross-platform source code can be increased even further.

Xamarin Forms Tutorial: Build Native Mobile Apps with C#

The key advantages of the Xamarin development environment:

  • Efficient, consistent implementation of the app through the joint usage of large sections of source code (around 75 percent) across all platforms. By using the component Xamarin.Forms, it’s possible to substantially increase this figure even further (up to 95 percent jointly-used source code!)
  • Minimised servicing and maintenance work during the continued development of the app thanks to the consistent code base
  • Development versions remain the same across all operating systems thanks to the cross-platform approach
  • Rapid start-up times and performance of the app in every operating system through native code
  • Excellent and expert support from the community
  • Mobile app developers only have to master one single programming language to serve all supported platforms

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