What are the advantages of cloud solutions?

Imagine that your IT infrastructure could adapt dynamically and precisely to the constantly changing requirements of your company. At the same time, your company benefits from new solutions or customer experiences thanks to a faster time-to-market. Both are possible with cloud computing. Your innovation grows, your IT system is easily scalable, and you reduce unnecessary risks relating to outages, cyber-attacks or data loss with optimally maintained and protected cloud platforms.

How can a cloud strategy be expanded?

Perhaps you are concerned, as many companies are, with the prospect of increasing the cloud maturity? Looking for applications for the public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud? It’s time to check whether cloud-native solutions are the answer for you. These solutions – which work across different technologies – stand out thanks to the faster roll-out of digital products, business models and innovations they enable.

„Our joint projects have developed into a genuine partnership. prodot understands our requirements, develops solutions accordingly and then implements them efficiently.“


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Dr. Ralf Kolb

Discover what our Azure Cloud solutions can do for you

  • Short time to market
  • Simplified innovations
  • Simple scalability
  • Flexible use of resources
  • Calculable and good-value costs
  • High security standards
  • Lower risks compared to local solutions
  • Business viability analyses

Cloud deployment is state of the art

Until recently, many companies were still considering whether to use cloud computing. Now, the only question left for many of them is how to expand their existing cloud model.


of companies with more than 20 employees in Germany work in the cloud. Cloud computing is the state of the art in the German economy. (Cloud Monitor 2020)


of companies using cloud solutions rate the cloud's contribution to digitisation as very large to rather large. (Cloud Monitor 2020)


of companies rely on IoT from the public cloud. 30% are considering deployment. (Cloud Monitor 2020)

We will show you how to sustainably increase your competitiveness with efficient cloud solutions.

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Are you ready for the cloud?

Aging IT infrastructures ¬hold back digital transformation

In many cases, established companies have IT infrastructures that have grown gradually over time and become increasingly complex. Typically, in these cases, customised adaptations and extensions have been integrated into the existing system and closely interlinked. Keeping the entire structure running and up-to-date increasingly becomes a struggle on too many fronts – which is both expensive and involves lots of work. The complexity of the structure makes the implementation of forward-looking solutions unprofitable. As a result, both digital transformation and corporate development are slowed considerably. In contrast to these traditional structures, modern, cloud-based solutions consist of many independent components. Adjustments can be made at any time in an agile and isolated way, away from the rest of the system.

Cloud data centre providing cloud services

Cloud solutions for optimised supply chain management

Flexibility and agility with the cloud

Companies that plan their IT infrastructure directly in the cloud benefit from flexible architectures. The Microsoft Azure Cloud provides all the necessary components for this. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offer all the required building blocks for providing an efficient overall structure. In addition, new applications can also be developed directly in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. New implementations and adjustments can be rapidly implemented, independently from the overall system. Companies that are cloud-ready benefit from the fast and seamless expansion of their cloud applications. For all companies that still have this step ahead of them, prioritising cloud migration is advisable. Areas of business like order entry, invoicing, or supply chain optimization typically gain the most benefits from the speed, innovation and scalability that cloud platforms provide.

Modernise your company with Microsoft Azure and software solutions from prodot

A system with integrated applications is unbeatable in terms of performance, interoperability and up-to-dateness compared to a combination of individual technologies. We support our customers in implementing this sort of system – which can grow with their requirements and enable new solutions to be implemented quickly. We modernise outdated enterprise software and develop for new applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. You can support your operational business with modern solutions, such as mobile applications and flexible IT resources based on the Azure Cloud.

Device control with cloud-native apps

Mit Cloud Native entwickelten Anwendungen schnell und flexibel reagieren

Cloud Native Application Development

Applications developed natively for cloud are specifically designed for use in cloud-based IT systems. Companies that demand an agile software infrastructure particularly benefit from the enormous flexibility gained. With the help of the cloud-compliant development method, it is possible to structure applications in a modular way, built with many independent microservices. As a result, adjustments are possible in a way that leaves the overall system unaffected. Due to the cloud-native architecture, new modules can be developed within a very short time and rolled out in real time. Their capacity can be adjusted as required, separate from the overall system. For the first time, cloud-oriented applications offer you the opportunity to respond flexibly to new customer and market requirements in next to no time.

Why our customers use applications from the Microsoft Azure Cloud:


With the Azure Cloud, all the necessary resources such as hardware, software, electricity, air conditioning and specialist staff are ready and available to manage and monitor the infrastructure. All Azure Cloud users bear the costs of this together. Each individual user benefits from this.

Globally scalable:

The main feature of the Azure Cloud is its flexibility. This is reflected in the needs-based scalability of the IT resources you require. Computing power, storage space and bandwidth are adjusted according to usage, provided from the appropriate geographical location and billed individually.


Azure's global network of data centres in over 60 regions provides the fastest and most up-to-date hardware. Keeping pace with the rapid evolution of hardware is otherwise difficult for most companies. Thus, all Azure users benefit from the performance provided.


In 2019, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) confirmed: Microsoft Azure Cloud meets the most stringent security requirements. Data, applications and infrastructure run securely and are protected from potential hazards.


Large amounts of computer power can be provided in a matter of minutes. For companies, this offers the advantage that capacities can be planned quickly and flexibly without investing in expensive hardware.


Maintaining IT systems is usually synonymous with a lot of time and work. These IT management tasks are handled by the Azure data centres. Meanwhile, your company's own IT department can focus on other tasks.


Microsoft Azure data centres have high and cost-effective standards for data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity thanks to data replication. Companies with their own data centres have to invest a lot of resources for comparable services.


Azure lets you choose between the public, private, and hybrid clouds. Azure services are also possible on-premises. Azure Cloud users can also choose between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions.

Want to find out what an Azure Cloud solution can look like for you? In the Azure Innovation WorkLab, we can work together to develop demand-driven solution architecture for your software.

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Successful cloud projects from prodot

As a Microsoft Cloud Platform and Application Development Gold Partner, we have been developing cost-effective solutions for our customers in the Azure Cloud for many years. This ranges from business applications to mobile enterprise solutions and the IoT Platform. We have put together a selection of our customer projects here that we are allowed to show publicly.

Smart Home platform: Connecting IoT devices in the cloud

The Smart Home platform developed on the basis of the Azure Cloud by digitalStrom AG is based on PaaS and SaaS service modules. The underlying microservices architecture makes it possible to make adjustments separately from the overall system and to constantly push the evolution of the IoT Platform. Smart Home devices are networked on the platform and operated by users via voice control, e.g. Google Home or Alexa.

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Modern website management: Easing editorial pressure with intelligent content management

Editors create their content using a powerful content management system (CMS) from prodot. Third-party systems for live editing, statistics data, social media channels or push notifications for mobile apps are connected to the system. Using prodot's intelligent content aggregation back-end, Bayer04 Leverkusen automates the dynamic placement of cutting-edge web content on the website and smartphone app.

Customer reference Bayer 04 Leverkusen >

Predictive maintenance: Increase utilisation of industrial systems

The Customer Portal is a cloud-based predictive maintenance solution for monitoring industrial systems. Sensor data from elevators and moving walkways is sent in real time to the IoT Platform in the Azure Cloud. There, the remaining service life of important components is calculated in order to plan timely maintenance work in a targeted manner and to avoid sudden failures.

Customer reference TK Elevator >

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Why prodot is your go-to IT expert for cloud solutions

Rapid time to market

We have been developing individual cloud solutions with well-established project teams for many years. The company boasts extensive experience with Microsoft Azure cloud services. We can therefore draw on a broad base of know-how and best practices, enabling us to realise a short time-to-market.

Lasting partnerships

We have made a name for ourselves through numerous successful and innovative projects as a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform and Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner. In addition, we maintain close cooperation with business partners and manufacturers who perfectly complement our in-house portfolio, ensuring you gain access to the very best possible solutions.

Cloud know-how

Microsoft Azure is the stable foundation for all our comprehensive cloud projects. We can draw on many years of experience in developing with Azure Cloud Services. In our steadily growing Azure Ruhr community with over 800 members, we pass on our expertise as part of regular meetups. This way everyone benefits from the intensive exchange of experiences and expertise across companies.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions – Questions and Answers

Cloud computing is “IT on demand”. Servers, computing power, data storage, network components or software are provided as a service. In this context, the cloud covers the entire spectrum of information technology. You decide whether you use a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud model. In the case of the public cloud, hardware, software and infrastructure are made available and managed by the provider as a complete package. Although the hardware, memory and network capacity are shared with others, they are separated from each other as tenants. This cloud model is inexpensive, quickly scalable, always ready to use and reliable. In contrast, in the private cloud, the technical resources are exclusively available to the designated user. This solution is hosted either within your own data centre or by a third-party provider. The hybrid cloud model combines the best of both worlds. Sensitive data can be stored in the private cloud, while applications or resources are operated cost-effectively in the public cloud.

An ever increasing number of companies are consciously opting for the pioneering step of relying on the flexibility and reliability of the cloud. The need-based provision and usage-dependent billing models enable cost-effective business that is close to the absolute optimum. prodot offers Azure Cloud solutions “Made in Germany”. We implement industry-specific custom solutions based on Microsoft technology, which we develop as cloud-native solutions as required. Due to the modular microservices architecture, companies benefit from the comparably low risk in implementing innovative solutions. They can be extensively tested and adjusted away from the rest of the system. In addition, modern web apps and cloud-native apps can be expanded to include services such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Thanks to fast configurability in Microsoft Azure, we can create a proof of concept for your cloud project within a matter of days. The implementation of complex, cloud-native digitalisation projects is possible within just a few weeks. Changes can be made rapidly and on the fly. Cloud solutions allow everything to be timed and tailored perfectly to your needs and business requirements. And Azure offers the opportunity to gain evaluations of the profitability of IT resources with little effort. Due to its unique scalability, the IT infrastructure grows dynamically with the requirements and success of your company. Only the resources that your company actually needs for business will be provided. They are neither connected to a specific piece of hardware nor a specific operating system.