Internet of Things (IoT)
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Create digital value and use data more effectively with the Internet of Things

You can transform your business – your systems, devices and sensors already hold the potential to enhance your success. The networking of these objects – the Internet of things – offers a whole host of smart options for making targeted improvements to your business or even completely reinventing it. This new approach holds the key to generating new value and boosting your competitive edge.

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Make the most of the myriad opportunities -
offered by the Internet of Things

Connect relevant dimensions of your company digitally, e.g. data, processes, machines and employees. Individually tailored IoT solutions make business and company-related information easier to analyse and use. This, in turn, enables you to boost your performance and increase your return on investment (ROI). You can maximise your efficiency, increase your ability to innovate and identify new business models, not to mention tap additional potential revenue!

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Carving out a competitive advantage through innovation

Using forward-looking data analysis, you can gain valuable real-time insights into the status of your machines and resources. In turn, this enables you to improve business processes sustainably and reduce foreseeable downtimes – this not only increases your satisfaction but also that of your customers. And if things don’t go as planned? No problem – the continuous recording and analysis of relevant data using machine learning allow you to react to every situation in the best way possible going forward!

The key advantages of the Internet of Things:

  • Data analysis in real-time with stream analytics
  • Faster and better reactions to critical situations
  • The ability to foresee downtimes using predictive maintenance
  • Support in future decision-making using sensor-based analysis and machine learning
  • Higher degree of automation
  • Better control for optimising processes and the use of resources
  • Greater efficiency, e.g. higher capacity utilisation, shorter downtimes and reaction times

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How you can benefit from the IoT

Microsoft, an international market leader in business, owns the ideal technology for efficiently realising a variety of Internet of Things scenarios – Azure IoT services. As an official Microsoft partner, prodot is happy to offer you a half-day, free-of-charge quick start consulting appointment to familiarise you with all the advantages that the Internet of Things can have for your company.

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