prodot IoT Solutions – Harness the Internet of Things for digital value creation and enhanced data usage

Transform your company with a smart business strategy: Your systems, devices and sensors already hold the potential to enhance your success. Networking these assets with the Internet of things offers a myriad of options for making targeted improvements to your business or even completely reinventing it. This, in turn, generates new value and supercharges your competitiveness.

Take advantage of every available opportunity – with the Internet of Things

Connect relevant dimensions of your company digitally, e.g. data, processes, machines and employees. Individually tailored IoT solutions make business and company-related information easier to analyse and use. This in turn helps you boost your performance and increase your return on investment (ROI). You also maximise your efficiency, increase your ability to innovate and identify new business models. This is your ticket to tapping additional potential revenue!

A competitive advantage through innovation

Using forward-looking data analysis, you can gain valuable real-time insights into the status of your machines and resources. In turn, this enables you to make lasting improvements to business processes and reduce foreseeable downtimes – not just a boon for your satisfaction, but also that of your customers and employees. And if things don’t go as planned? Not a problem: The constant recording and analysis of important data supported by machine learning enables you to react to every situation in the best possible way!

“Prodot's high level of innovation, especially in the Internet of Things environment, is a real asset for our common customers and the Microsoft Partner Network as a whole.”


Nico Wilhelm, Managed ISV Business Development Lead

Discover what prodot’s Internet of Things solutions can do for you

  • Data analysis in real time with stream analytics
  • Faster and enhanced reaction to critical situations
  • Forecast downtimes using predictive maintenance
  • AI-driven support for future decision-making
  • Higher degree of automation to increase production capacity
  • Better control for optimising processes and use of resources
  • Enhanced efficiency, e.g. higher capacity utilisation, shorter downtimes and reaction times
  • The IoT-X Platform – our easy-to-use and modular Internet of Things platform

IoT solutions in industrial use


of companies report that COVID-19 has had a positive or very positive impact on IIoT projects. (Industrial IoT in Germany 2021)


of German organizations view the IoT as a decisive factor for the overall success of their company. (IoT Signals 2020)


of companies view artificial intelligence (AI) as either the core or second most important element of IoT. (IoT Signals 2020)

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IoT value creation through intelligent networking – ready for all industries

Internet of Things – Technology as a decisive market factor

The use of Internet of Things technology offers profitable solutions in countless fields of business including:

  • Production
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Oil & gas companies

In many fields, the transmission and evaluation of data in real time is essential for better utilization and intelligent maintenance management of machines or resources (Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT). The use of IoT platforms, such as the IoT-X Platform from prodot makes it possible to manage this data in a systematic way. And thanks to the notification system, you are always able to maintain supply chains, production chains or vital monitoring systems, for example, and respond to incidents in a timely manner.

Your future business success depends on the level of technology in your company. As a result, the pressure to provide modern equipment is high. When investing in Internet of Things solutions, in-depth advice and support from an experienced partner like prodot is essential. Whatever your vision, we highly recommend seeking comprehensive advice from experts when preparing your project.

IoT Monitoring - Employees in front of dashboards

Smart plant control based on IoT by industrial employees

AI & IoT - Maximum efficiency gains with AIoT and industrial analytics

Artificial intelligence is considered the most widespread new technology, especially in combination with the Internet of Things. And the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT is referred to as AIoT. According to the IoT Signals 2020 survey, 79% of companies integrate AI into the overall concept of their IoT strategy (industrial analytics). This technology enables AI-controlled big data analyses and automated recommendations for action. The use of predictive maintenance solutions is widespread in this context.

You can also ensure that critical systems and components of your machines and production plants are always monitored, such as with intelligent maintenance management. In the event of an imminent system failure, you will be warned ahead of time and able to replace wear parts in good time and in a planned way. According to Bearing Point's Predictive Maintenance Study 2021, the use of predictive maintenance at companies in the German-speaking region reduced machine and plant downtimes by 18 percent. An average increase in sales of 10 percent was also recorded by these companies. We’d be happy to show you how you can enjoy the same benefits!

Customised IoT solutions for every industry

If you’ve been searching for the right IoT solution, you may have already discovered that out-of-the-box systems can quickly reach their limits. A company’s requirements are usually simply too individual for these one-size-fits-all solutions. As a result, customised IoT solutions usually offer the better alternative in terms of cost, scalability and security. The IoT-X Platform from prodot, for example, offers an industry-specific, modular structure and it can be customised within a very short time.

We are happy to support you in implementing an IoT project tailored to fit to a T. From developing a proof-of-concept and pilot development to implementing the necessary infrastructure and fully adapting and integrating your IoT solution.

Business growth with the right IoT technology

Enjoy dashboard data with the prodot IoT-X Platform

Manage complex data streams with the prodot IoT-X Platform

The IoT-X Platform from prodot is an operations-driven Internet-of-Things platform that supports you in pooling and connecting highly complex data from thousands of sensors and devices in one place. Previously unused information can be analysed and processed in an automated and centralised manner for the comprehensive management of key figures. The direct integration of IoT devices, sensors and systems takes place via API integration, irrespective of the system manufacturer. Incoming source data is converted into a common data format and processed as required. Thanks to its modular structure, the IoT-X Platform offers you scenarios with functional areas that can be customised for all industries individually with a short time to market.

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IoT solutions in use

As a Microsoft Cloud Platform and Application Development Gold Partner, we have many years of experience in building and operating successful IoT solutions. This section showcases a selection of customer projects that we are free to share with you.

Transport: Boost safety and efficiency

On the telematics value-added services platform that prodot developed with Kienzle Automotive, data from telematics systems is collected and evaluated in real time. The data from the driver scoring app created by prodot provides an assessment of driving behaviour, e.g. for ensuring the safe transport of dangerous goods and to reduce fuel consumption.

Customer reference Kienzle Automotive >

Industry: Decrease downtime & improve availability

Monitor the state of critical components in a systematic way with predictive maintenance, then replace them in good time before the entire system faces unplanned downtime. By analysing IoT data in elevators on the IoT customer portal developed by prodot, TK Elevator optimises the operations of its mobility systems.

Kundenreferenz TK Elevator >

Optimise utilisation of machines & devices

Monitor construction machinery, rental equipment or specialist personnel using telematics, and improve resource planning in your company. With these aims in mind, prodot developed the IoT platform based on the modular IoT-X tool kit for a leading global construction company.

Customer reference of a leading global construction company >

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Why prodot is your go-to IT expert for IoT solutions

Experience is the best advisor

With our many years of experience as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are perfectly positioned to successfully optimise processes based on IoT technology – just ask market leaders like TK Elevator, Kienzle and many other customers.

A track record of success: the prodot IoT-X Platform

The modular design of our IoT-X Platform offers customisation options for all industries. This makes it easy to translate your business requirements into a successful strategy.

Short time to market

Thanks to the modular design of our IoT platform, we are able to implement industry-specific adjustments with a short time to market. This means you can get started on your IoT project quickly and easily.