Tap new opportunities & business areas through the development of mobile applications

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are an integral part of business nowadays. On the back of continuing digitisation, mobile work on the go or in home offices has now become common in many sectors. Applications like business apps enable worldwide collaboration in real time on a range of devices, speeding up decision-making and breaking the rigid constraints of location-dependent work. Solutions designed for a mobile office make all this possible.

Business apps: New touchpoints and greater flexibility

Business apps pave the way for you to modernise your business, helping to tap new areas and customer services. Whether rapid ordering through local sales or mobile purchase contracts, business apps suit an array of possible applications, ensuring that your employees are always completely ready to act, no matter their location. A customer app enables short communication channels and touchpoints in both directions – from business to customer or from customer to business. The range of possibilities is almost endless.

Work from anywhere with mobile apps

In the modern world of work, remote work, home office and self-determined daily routines can help facilitate better performance. We develop software programmed specifically for you, intuitive to use and available on any mobile device. This approach makes sense for staff working in the field, taking on shift work, on business trips or for any occasion when your employees are on the go. This increases your reaction speed, saves time and costs, leaves a lasting impression, boosts satisfaction and promotes customer loyalty.

Mobile cloud solutions for greater efficiency

As an employer, you can use suitable cloud scenarios to offer your employees highly available and rapid solutions for the mobile workplace. With interfaces to standard systems (such as SAP), we digitalise your processes and enable efficiency improvements in a convenient, new and flexible working environment.

“Processing our application forms for internal approvals in a paperless, fast and mobile way is easy thanks to our web application.”


DCX - Digital Customer Experience, DAW SE

Marcos Pereira, Head of Strategic E-Commerce

Discover what our mobile solutions can do for you

  • Flexible work, mobile & secure access to company resources
  • Faster processes thanks to continuously available workflows
  • Increased productivity through better use of mobile technologies
  • Improved real-time collaboration with customers and partners
  • Increased employee satisfaction and enhanced work-life balance
  • Reduction in fixed workstations and savings on office space
  • Integration of the Internet of Things

You can permanently improve your processes with mobile solutions – and we can show you how.

Business solutions for work 4.0: Faster processes and better teamwork

The challenge of improving performance

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, mobile work has become ever more widely accepted. German executives expect regular work from the home office to increase by 60 percent in the period after the pandemic – according to the Riverbed Future of Work Global Survey 2020. In its publication “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021”, Gartner also stresses the need for a “digital first, remote first” strategy for companies moving forward.

In addition, part of the workforce has always been made up of people working away from the office, e.g. on construction sites or in factory halls. Here, there is often a real lack of solutions for making decisions in real time and keeping direct channels of information within the team open at all times.

With the right software solutions – tailored to the requirements of modern working conditions – many of these challenges can be overcome.

Mobile monitoring in industrial plants

Mobile enterprise solutions cloud

The mobile employee app in the cloud

Your employees expect to be able to access emails and information on the go, enabling work from anywhere without any issues. They want to have mobile access to data in the warehouse, on the factory floor, in the machinery hall and at other company sites. Common requirements include:

Attractive applications like these can be built on a cloud-based IT system, which is scalable and accessible from anywhere. Mobile solutions deployed in the cloud – which can be used remotely on laptops, as a mobile app on smartphones or tablets – enable employees to access company resources at any time. In addition, cloud computing offers businesses a high level of IT security to boot.

Leveraging mobile technology for increased growth

prodot can support you in developing and implementing your mobile strategy. With the help of our mobile office solutions, you can sustainably improve business processes, make workflows more flexible and efficient and cut costs.

Our mobile enterprise solutions provide access to operational processes from anywhere, accelerate workflows, and enable on-the-go work. Mobile apps can be used as a communication hub, supporting the dissemination of in-house news and enabling intensive customer contact – proving indispensable for all manner of scenarios. This helps increase your flexibility and speed of response, provide certainty in future planning and stabilize your position on the market.

Mobile business solution for smartphones

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Mobile applications deployed by our customers

As a Microsoft Cloud Platform and Application Development Gold Partner, we have been developing effective mobile solutions for our customers in the Azure Cloud for many years. You can find a selection of customer projects below that we are free to showcase.

Chemicals: Digitising approval workflows

Simplify and accelerate form-based business processes using form workflow systems that employees can access via internal intranets or other channels. The corresponding web app enables the sales and back office team to process applications in fast and paperless form across multiple authorisation levels.

Caparol reference >

Transport: Optimising driving behaviour and profitability

Reduce fuel consumption and optimise maintenance and repair costs with the driver scoring app developed by prodot. Using the driver scoring app, drivers have an insight into their personal driving performance at all times and can therefore actively adjust their driving behaviour accordingly.

Kienzle Automotive reference >

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At an Azure Innovation WorkLab, we can work together to develop solution architecture for your mobile application.

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Why prodot is your go-to IT expert for business applications

The Azure Cloud is a secure foundation for business apps in the mobile office

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Application Development, we rely on the Azure cloud computing back-end for scalable, secure and high-performance mobile solutions. As a result, both your structured and unstructured data is highly available, secure, stable and scalable.

Long-standing experience with mobile technologies like Xamarin

We have been developing business applications with the cross-platform framework Xamarin from Microsoft for many years. This technology can be used to create apps for mobile devices that run natively or across Android, IoT and Windows devices and can be quickly integrated into existing systems.

Mobile applications with a positive user experience and UI design

Our UX consultants and UI designers are involved in the development of our business apps from day one. Our goal is to develop solutions that meet the requirements of modern applications and always offer a positive user experience. After implementation, all prodot software solutions undergo a quality assurance check in accordance with the strict ISTQB guidelines.

Questions and answers about mobile solutions in the business context

Wondering how accessing data using mobile technologies can support your business goals? There are three deployment scenarios for this: business-to-employee, business-to-customer and machine-to-machine. We explain these in the following three questions and show examples of the added value mobile applications can offer companies.

Business-to-employee: Better workflows - happy employees

The mobile office deserves special attention. Employee experience has far-reaching effects on your staff. The way your workplace is equipped determines your attractiveness as an employer and the well-being of your employees.

  • Remote working & data access in real time
  • More flexible processing of business processes
  • Higher productivity for employees
  • Increasing employee efficiency and satisfaction
  • Better and more effective cooperation
  • Demonstrates your innovation as a company

Business-to-customer: Faster services - more satisfied customers

Enterprise mobility solutions from prodot can help boost your customer loyalty. As soon as you get in touch with your customers, the customers’ experience with your company takes centre stage. You are measured by how fast your services are, how flexible you are in decision-making, and how smooth order processing is. In addition, digital and mobile solutions open up new sales channels through which you can get in touch with your customers more easily.

Provide your employees with remote-enabled applications that also inspire your customers with flexible and fast services.

  • Additional sales channels
  • Reliable & fast service
  • Effective communication with customers
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Demonstrates your innovation as a company

Machine-to-Machine: Secure processes - more flexibility and room for manoeuvre

Mobile devices play a central role in the intelligent networking of devices, machines and vehicles. In addition to retrieving information such as emails, reports and other business-relevant data in real time via smartphone or tablet in an app or web application, you can also use the mobile device as a control device.

On construction sites, in production sites, machine halls or in industrial plants, mobile work solutions can provide greater flexibility and room for manoeuvre. You can keep an eye on your machinery and vehicle fleet at all times via networked IoT devices and sensors.

For example, using a portal solution such as the IoT-X Platform, you can stay informed on the condition, utilisation, consumption data and locations of your machinery worldwide, conduct remote diagnoses and make informed decisions as a result.

As a fleet-managing company, you can increase the safety of your passengers or dangerous goods transport with apps that provide feedback on driving behaviour.

  • Exchange of data and events between machines and companies
  • Comprehensive analytical data
  • Optimised problem diagnosis
  • Reduced downtime
  • Faster response times to incidents
  • Improved decision-making basis
  • Reduction of costs and time required

In order to meet the expectations of employees working remotely or outside the office, there is plenty of need for optimisation. 97 percent of executives in Germany report that there are performance problems in the home office which lead to inferior customer service, technical interruptions or worse work-life balance, among other things. On top of that, there are also heterogeneous device and operating system landscapes, fluctuating bandwidths and security risks to contend with. Difficult access to databases is another notable obstacle. (Riverbed Future of Work Global Survey 2020)

Native apps or native applications are optimised for certain operating systems on mobile devices, e.g. for Android or iOS. Android apps are available in the Google Play Store. iPhone applications can be found in the App Store. Advantage: The app is perfectly tailored to the respective operating system and offers optimal performance. The user interface (UI) provides a seamless user experience between operating system and application, and the app can access specific device features. Disadvantage: If the app is to run on as many different devices as possible, updates become complex and costly.

Hybrid apps are provided in a native container for the respective operating system. They are usually developed as a website and exported to the desired operating system. The fact that hybrid apps can also be used in the web browser is a practical feature. Advantage: The development costs are comparatively low, as these apps are only programmed once as a website. This also means a faster time to market. Disadvantage: Hybrid apps often lack seamless usability because they are not allowed to access certain device features.

Cross-platform apps are developed in a programming language that does not belong to the operating system and is later translated into the target operating system by an application framework. Xamarin is one such development platform which prodot uses to develop multi-platform applications. If native frameworks are used for compiling, the UI of the user interface can become very seamless in relation to the operating system. Advantage: These represent a good compromise between native performance and seamless user experience as well as cost-effective development options. Disadvantage: Obstacles include lower performance compared to native applications and longer development times.

Web apps are responsive applications that are optimized for use within the browser of mobile devices. Advantage: Web apps require less development work than other apps. Updates can be released without going through the app store approval processes. They can be used in any compatible web browser, regardless of the operating system. Disadvantage: Although web apps "feel" like native apps, they usually offer a reduced range of applications when used on a smartphone. The app is not available in the Google Play Store or App Store and is not a fixed application on your smartphone.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - also called HTML5 apps in Apple jargon - represent a symbiosis of responsive websites and apps. They allow temporary use without the need for a connection to the mobile internet, as they cache on the device on initial opening. PWAs respond progressively to the design and functionality of the device and browser used. Some of these applications are available in the app stores. Advantage: It makes it possible to use the complete application on any device in largely uninhibited form.

Home office is working from an office within your own home or from a permanently furnished location outside the company’s office or premises. The same legal requirements for the workplace apply to the home office as on premises – as regulated by the Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV). The employer is responsible for verifying compliance in this respect. In the case of the home office, employees are to carry out their work from this verified location and cannot freely choose where they work.

Mobile work means that an activity can be done anywhere, at any time. It is not bound to a fixed, legally approved location. Employees can therefore work on business trips in the hotel room, on the train, on the plane or elsewhere. They are not constrained in this respect by the Workplace Ordinance. However, employees must still comply with the occupational health and safety regulations. These include the risk assessment (§ 5 para. 1 ArbSchG), the instruction of the employee (§ 12 para. 1 ArbSchG) and the Industrial Safety Ordinance.