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The most effective way to create efficient and reliable software

Fast, high-quality and stable: Constant testing is essential to ensuring that custom software solutions always offer excellent performance. However, this often ties up valuable resources. A smart test automation approach maximises the effectiveness and efficiency of the required testing, no matter the current development phase of your software.

More dynamism with automated software tests

Manual procedures can quickly reach their limits, particularly during continuous testing procedures. Test automation is predestined for use in regression testing. No matter whether you make small modifications within the software or roll out an entirely new function, automated procedures tangibly reduce the testing workload.

Software development in almost real-time

Test, analyse and verify – software development is a time-consuming process. Reliable quality assurance is hardly plausible in real time with manual methods. In contrast, test automation sets benchmarks with regard to executing and analysing test cases. Potential optimisation with regards to programming, integrating and service can already be recognised ahead of time. This conserves resources which you can then use directly for the further development of your software solution.

The key advantages of test automation:

  • Minimising cost and time required
  • Optimising test efficiency
  • Extraordinary consistency and precision
  • High quality standards for software solutions
  • Independent of testing times and personnel
  • Reduces monotone routine processes
  • Seamless documentation for effective reporting

The bottom line is that it not only results in happier developers, it also leads to more satisfied customers.

Get started today

Make your testing more efficient: Reduce the time and costs required with requirement-driven automation tools like JIRA, TestComplete and SOAP-UI. Drawing on extensive experience and specialist knowledge, prodot supports you across all platforms in improving the coverage and frequency of test procedures, and in doing so boosting the quality of your solution.

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Smart test automation in three phases.

As a partner, we support you along the entire length of the automation process:



  • Analysis of the requirements and generation of test cases
  • Developing a testing concept
  • Planning and coordinating test automation
  • Generating test data and selecting tools



  • Script creation / implementation of the automated tests
  • Managing and installing the test environments
  • Carrying out and evaluating the automated tests
  • Executing regression tests



  • Adjusting, developing and maintaining the test scripts

Wondering if test automation offers a return on investment for you?

We can do the maths with an in-depth cost-benefit analysis! Want to know which solution is ideal for you? We are happy to evaluate customised automation tools on your behalf. And it goes without saying that you can count on us if you already have the corresponding software in place – we are happy to advise you on architecture, implementation and a usage concept.

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