Solution Assessment



What do we want to achieve together?

In this workshop, we will work together to create and document demand-driven solution architecture for your software. A price calculation can then be made based on these results. In addition, you will also receive a test deployment on your own Azure subscription for testing, if required.


  1. Define goals with our cloud solution architect
  2. Analyse the technical and functional requirements of the system
  3. Introduction to and selection of available cloud services/cloud environments for the aims outlined
  4. Development of a cloud or hybrid-cloud architecture using tried and tested cloud architecture patterns, which, among other things, enable an initial cost calculation
  5. Test deployment for evaluation
  6. Joint evaluation of the ADS results
  7. Outlook and next steps (e.g. PoC)

Price: € 1.499,-
for bookings made by 31.01.2021
plus the legally applicable VAT


General information on the Design Session

Number of participants:max. 8
Target group:Development managers, decision-makers (specific departments & IT), project participants
Dates:On request, with 3 weeks lead time
Duration:1.5 days
Location:Remote or at prodot
Follow-up measures:PoC

Organisational information

What is the structure of the Azure Solution Assessment?

Step 1: Coordination meeting in advance
To kick things off, we will arrange a coordination meeting with you ahead of time. This will take the form of a Microsoft Teams video conference or a telephone call, and the aim is to identify your key requirements for a modern software solution.

Step 2: Preparation
We then prepare the conceptual, content-related and technical aspects of the workshop.

Step 3: Solution Assessment Session
In this 1.5-day workshop, we will analyse the requirements for your system and advise you on the most suitable cloud services and cloud environments. We will develop a suitable cloud or hybrid-cloud architecture for your individual use case, enabling an initial cost calculation to be made. An initial test deployment will then offer you a sound basis for making evaluations and decisions. We will subsequently evaluate the results of the architecture design session together.

Step 4: Documentation
You will receive documentation with the results, screenshots and, if required, photos of the architecture created during the workshop.

Step 5: Follow-up meeting and outlook
We round off the workshop with a follow-up meeting. This is used to determine further steps, requests or ideas. Many companies then choose to move on to a proof of concept (PoC) after the workshop.


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